Paralysis: Part III – Forward Motion

I can speculate all I like. Spending hours dissecting my psyche to create a laundry list of causes for my slump. I could probably come up with a very clear picture of the mind-plague that led to this recent aversion to sitting still at the keyboard for more than five minutes.  But what is really important now is getting in that chair,  putting my fingers on the keyboard, and writing.

This morning, I did just that.

After shuffling my beautiful girls off to daycare and work, I had some time before I had to punch the clock. I turned on Interpol (Turn on the Bright Lights), cranked the volume, and wrote.  It was so simple in the end, I almost wanted to laugh.  I let my imagination and my fingers do the work and let the part of my brain that has agonized over the process for so long take a break.  A thousand some-odd words later, I was rewarded with the start of what could be a very tasty short piece of fiction and the knowledge that, yes, I can do this.   We are defined largely by our own perception. If I think I can’t write, then I’m not going to be able to do it.  If I consider myself capabable of telling a good tale, then that’s just what’ll happen.  Belief is a powerful thing.

And in this case, I’d say it’s magic.

Now to sustain what I’ve started.

(Image credits: Rubber hits the road Some rights reserved by dkuropatwa)

One Response to “Paralysis: Part III – Forward Motion”

  1. Tee Morris Says:

    In the immortal words of Freddie Mercury…

    “One shaft of light that shows the way
    No mortal man can win this day
    It’s a kind of magic…”

    “It’s a Kind of Magic” from HIGHLANDER

    And here’s a bonus quote from the same movie:

    “I’ve got something to say. It’s better to burn out than to FADE AWAY!” — The Kurgan

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