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Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

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My name is Phil Rossi. I’m a musician, an author, a provider of new media content, a father, and a husband. These are the roles that define me as a human being and I do not take any of them lightly. I became a dad two years and two months ago and just before the big event, I was told (warned?) countless times that everything was going to change. When my daughter was born, I was surprised that the world did not come to a grinding halt as I had pretty much expected based on “insider information…” (visit for the full article)

Criticism – the Good, the Bad, and the Malicious

Monday, November 23rd, 2009


I’ve wanted to write a column on criticism for some time now.  It’s a hot topic and I’ve always taken interest in how people react to criticism, from cool silence to full on flamewars that are embarrassing to behold. To keep things simple, I’m going to talk about my experience with people criticizing my fiction. Though, remind me sometime to tell you about Here’s-a-Hint, a fellow in the DC music scene who had a serious hard-on for me several years back.

I’ve been putting my fiction out there for public consumption since 2006, and in that time, I’ve been fortunate that the majority of reviews I’ve received have been positive.  My reaction to praise is obvious–it pleases me to no end, it validates what I do, and drives me to get more stories out there.

But what about that darkside?  What’s Phil Rossi’s reaction to the “bad reviews”? Let’s face it–that’s what’s really interesting here–who cares about my happy dance.  Bad reviews–I’ve seen writers take them in stride, I’ve seen them argue with their critics, and just about everything in between. As I’ve evolved, I’ve probably dabbled in a little bit of everything in terms of reaction. These days,  I do my best to let it ride and not cause a scene.  If I can learn from a negative review, all the better.  I think the  intent of a review, perceived or otherwise, has a lot to do with how I react to it. Here’s my break down:

The Critical Review – In this review, the author will site specific reservations they may have had with my work, explaining why they felt the flaws were flaws.  The critical review is sometimes balanced with positives. I dig the Critical Review. There is opportunity to grow here and though these reviews can sometimes break my heart, I still appreciate the effort invested.

The Not My Thing Review – This review is typically brief and non-specific, a general statement of “I tried but couldn’t get into it.”  I take these with a grain of salt. I’m realistic. I know my writing is not for everybody and though I’d love to please all of you all the time, it’s not going to happen.

The I’m Smarter Than You Review – This review is similar to the Critical Review in the sense that the author takes the time to point out  specific flaws in my work. However, the impression of being talked-down to is impossible to shake.  This I’m Smarter Than You Review is all about heavy use of a patronizing tone and it always occurs in a public forum so everybody can see just how smart this person is. It reeks of “Look at me! Look at me!”  Now, I do realize that some people are socially awkward.  Maybe there is benevolence intended, but I doubt it.

The You Suck Review - With this puppy,  the reviewer is bitter, jealous, and probably received little love as a child (or ate too many paint chips).  The motivation behind the “you suck” review is to make me feel bad.   These malicious reviews are always unobjective,  often unintelligent, and by far, the easiest to deal with.   I just brush them off with a good laugh.  Still, it’s shame that these people having nothing better to do with their time than attempting to bring me down.  They might try setting themselves on fire as a service to us all.

Criticism can be a hard pill to swallow, no matter if it’s constructive or malicious.  I put my work out there because I want to entertain people. I’m a human being, and yeah, sometimes it does bring me down when I miss the mark with someone. I give myself time to pout and wonder, in amazement, how there could exist an individual not totally in love with me.  But after sufficient grieving,  I always try to spin the negative review to my advantage. I take the constructive criticism and use it to become a better writer .  The negative and cruel reviews? I can’t think of anything better to thicken my skin.

Welcome to the World Piper Lee

Monday, November 23rd, 2009


On November 15th, 2009, my wife and I welcomed the newest edition of our family to the world. At 5:46 pm, Piper Lee Rossi was born.

Press Release: Phil Rossi iPhone App

Monday, November 9th, 2009


CONTACT: Laura Totten

Scare Provider Phil Rossi announces “There’s an App for That” – the Phil Rossi iPhone App

(November 9th, 2009) Ashburn, VA – Phil Rossi, bestselling author of the sci-fi horror novel Crescent, a musician, and a new media content provider announced today the launch of the Phil Rossi Experience iPhone and iPod touch application, available for purchase now in the iTunes App Store.

The application features episodes of Rossi’s serialized audio fiction, plus exclusive bonus content—including mp3 commentary, videos, and pdfs–and original music. “An iPhone and iPod Touch application couldn’t be more perfect for my content. It’s no secret that since as far back as 2007, I’ve been blurring the lines between music and fiction—first with the Crescent, and now more so than ever, with my latest novel, Harvey. For example, for my Harvey podcast, I can include songs from the original soundtrack right there with the episode that’s tied to the music with this app. There will be plenty of fun and exclusive extras—aural and visual–for iPhone/iPod touch users.”

Developed in conjunction with Wizzard Media, LLC, the application enables the purchaser to interact with Rossi via built-in access to voicemail, email, web site, and twitter account. According to Rossi, “Wizzard Media has developed a lethal combination in this application—combining social media accessibility with content delivery, they’ve created a whole new playing field here.”

Rossi began his new media journey in 2007, releasing Crescent as a podcast. In July 2009, Dragon Moon Press published Crescent, the novel. To date, episodes of Crescent have been downloaded 900,000 times by a global fan base and Rossi has released several other critically and listener acclaimed works, including Eden and Harvey, both of which feature original music.

“I’m just picking up steam. I’ve got more fiction forecasted for audio in 2010, in addition to the continuation of the Phil Rossi podcast which will feature interviews with authors, musicians, and other creative, intellectual sorts, along with me rambling about this adventure I’m on.”
For more information about the Phil Rossi iPhone/iPod touch application, visit

For more information about Crescent and to order a copy, visit:

For more information on about Harvey, visit

For more information on Wizzard Media, LLC, please visit

Download the PHIL ROSSI iPhone PRESS RELEASE as a PDF

the Phil Rossi Experience iPhone and iPod Touch Application

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Behind the Podcast: Harvey – White’s Ferry

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Written and directed by, Phil Rossi
Filmed by, Phil Rossi
Narrated by, Zeus Legion

Music: Otherside, by the Walkup
Drunkest Hour, by Mikal Evans
Room 16, by Phil Rossi
Once in a River, by Phil Rossi

Photo Credits:
Jubal A. Early – Phil rossi
Potomac in the Fog – Don Ruzek

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