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About that last beer

Monday, September 14th, 2009


I’m taking these fleeting moments of vacation to drink one last beer and write a journal post, though my brain is hardly in a functioning state after being throttled by rather sizable waves. I’m plugged into Imeem right now, a music web site of great mileage for me, and I’ve just decided that I dig Gillian Welch, and at present, my random musical journey has tossed a tune in my lap that I hadn’t even realized had made it onto my favorite list, but I’m digging it (note to self, check out more Tom McCrae). I’m content in that fact that I’ve just about hit the half-way point on the new book. I should be done within a month or so, and might have just enough time to crank out another quick one before November brings on my next big adventure.

Writing new material really enforces that fact that I just love to tell my silly little stories. It’s a love that takes many forms–longing, lusting, hot and sweaty, limb tangling, fierce and focused–I’m all over the map and can’t stop coming back for more. I wrote everyday while on vacation, despite the well-intentioned advice from my family that I should take a break. It’s hard to take a break from something you dig. I’m not going to question if writing would bring the same glee if I did it as a full time gig. Why question it? I enjoy it here and now, and really, that’s what matters.

I mentioned in a tweet a little while ago that every beer should taste as good as the final beer of vacation. I’m going to try and embrace this philosophy with a little more fervor–the potential list of applications is broad.



Tuesday, September 8th, 2009


I forgot the bliss that is vacation. I’ve been taking a much needed breather on the North Carolina shore with my family–wife, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother-in-law, and two nieces. At this writing, the house is like a carnival sponsored by Disney with three small wonders parading their poseable, dress-able, mermaids and princesses about the house…there’s a lot of naked plastic, needless to say. I figured I’d challenge myself by writing a journal post, through screams of “Daddy, Daddy!” which have now somehow led to a feisty two-year old sitting in my lap. There’s been much needed doses of gin, beer, and mental decompression. Despite a stalled low-pressure system off the coast (currently battering the hell out of the house), I’ve managed to create sweeping sand sculptures of Sponge Bob, Patrick Starfish, a life-sized alligator, and, of course, a turtle.

My late-night writing sessions have brought in nearly 10,000 words for the new book. Write every day, vacation or not–that rule doesn’t change and I can’t think of a better setting in which to comply.

And while I have your attention, I’ll be doing a my first official signing-concert at the Ashburn Pub in Ashburn, VA (where I wrote quite a bit of Crescent) on September 30th, 2009.   Check back here for details.

Alright–time to make that first martini.

New Site Launch

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

This new web site has been a long time coming–the days, weeks, months spent thinking about a what a new site should look like and then all the time I’ve put into the actual development. Everyday, I’m faced with the challenge (and privilege) of harmonizing my creative impulses, namely the desire to make music and to write fiction.  I’ve been told on multiple occasions that I couldn’t do both. But, here I am now, chasing both passions. I’ve got the machine cranking in a way that I find exciting and gratifying–and really, that’s all that matters.   Harvey, in particular, represents a milestone for me, in writing, in music, and in bringing these worlds together.

What I’ve been struggling with lately is how do I create a web site that would help me showcase both the music and the writing, in addition to giving me the chance to rap about what ever’s got me up.  The new is my vehicle for making that happen.   In the coming weeks, I’ll be modifying to make that site….well, Crescent-centric.   Podcast subscribers, fear not.  The feed won’t change for your weekly episodes of Rossi-Audio.   However, I am going to stop dropping Harvey episodes on the site.   You can grab the latest off the feed or at

Thank you Neil for providing my lovely banners, thank you Brent for providing my lovely, high contrast photos, thank you Donna for providing a lovely set of eyes.  This site is only going to grow–I’ve got a lot I want to share.

Stay tuned.


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